NRA administers the processes and activities of licensing, servicing, control and collection of public receivables 

Pursuant to an amendment to the Gambling Act, promulgated in SG 69/4 August 2020, the legislator has assigned the state oversight in the area of gambling and the related activities to be carried out by the Director General of the NRA or a Deputy Director General authorized by him. 

1. The National Revenue Agency keeps registers in accordance with Article 20 of the Gambling Act, accessible to all organizers of gambling activities and individuals in the Registers under the Gambling Act section. 

Please, see A model register of visitors to a gaming casino in accordance with Article 74, Paragraph 1 of the GA

2. Pending administrative and criminal proceedings shall be completed by the National Revenue Agency until the entry into force of the Gambling Act, promulgated in SG 69/4 August 2020.

3. In connection with the licensing procedure, extension of the term of issued licenses, changes to issued licenses, validation of types and modifications of gambling equipment, jackpot systems, gambling software, including the central computer system, online betting systems, communication equipment, including the control local server, and the self-service devices for organizing lottery games, which are allowed for use within the territory of the country, the NRA has established and approved procedures that are mandatory in the work of the employees of the Agency, as well as model documents for issuing licenses or making changes to licenses issued under the Gambling Act.

The specified forms can be submitted electronically, signed with a qualified electronic signature (QES), by e-mail to: [email protected].

For examination of an application submitted electronically, the NRA shall collect a fee of 95% of the amount envisaged in the Tariff for the fees collected under the Gambling Act.

4. Declarations, due and outstanding liabilities, and unsubmitted data for reporting periods prior to the entry into force of this Act, shall be submitted and paid to the NRA in accordance with the provisions of Article 90 of the Transitional and Final Provisions of the Act amending and supplementing the Gambling Act.

Declarations and data for reporting periods prior to the entry into force of the amendments to the Gambling Act shall be submitted to the NRA electronically by e-mail to: [email protected], signed with an electronic signature.

5. Submitting information on online betting by organizers of remote gambling games.

In relation to the Act amending and supplementing the Gambling Act (the Act), promulgated in SG 69/4 August 2020, from the date of entry into force of the Act – 00:00 h. on 8 August 2020, the organizers of remote gambling games (ORGG) shall continue to submit the information through a leased line to an information system and a server of the National Revenue Agency (NRA), to which access is granted by the NRA individually for each organizer of gambling games.

In carrying out the said actions, the requirements of Article 6, Paragraph 1, Item 4 of the Gambling Act and Ordinance 1 of 27 February 2013 on detailed rules for identification and registration of participants, storage of data on organized online betting on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria and the submission of information on gambling games shall be considered to be met.

For technical queries you can contact the following email address: [email protected].

Please, see also: Guidelines with appendices, intended for the organizers of gambling games, in connection with the fulfillment of the requirements of the regulatory framework for approval of their systems for submission of information to a server of the NRA