Supplementary Compulsory Pension Insurance (SCPI)

The supplementary compulsory pension insurance is the second pillar of the pension system and entitles people born after 31.12.1959 to receive second supplementary pension and people working under the conditions of first and second category of labor to receive pensions for early retirement. This kind of social security is regulated in Section Two of the Social Insurance Code (SSC) (BG). It is implemented through participation in universal and/or professional pension funds which are established and managed by licensed pension insurance companies. The participation in SCPI Funds is made possible by means of submitting individual applications not later than three months after a social security liability has become chargeable or on the grounds of official distribution, the manner and the procedure of the latter shall be defined by a joint instruction of the Financial Supervision Commission and the National Revenue Agency.

Basic principles:

  • Compulsory participation;
  • Legal independence of the pension insurance company and of the universal and professional pension funds;
  • Transparency, divisibility and exclusivity of the activity;
  • Authorization regime and public regulation;
  • Mandatory periodic accountability and disclosure of information;
  • Loyal competition amongst pension insurance companies;
  • Representing the interests of the insured persons;
  • Provided through pension schemes on fully funded principle based on the defined contributions;
  • Personal approach in social insurance – each insured person has his/her individual social security number and his/her contributions are accumulated in an individual social insurance lot.

Insured persons:

  •  Insurance for supplementary pension in a universal pension fund is mandatory for persons born after 31.12.1959 in case they are insured in the Pensions Fund of the State Social Insurance.

Exception: Employees of the National Intelligence Service, the Military Information Service at the Ministry of Defense and the Special Courier Service at the Ministry of Transport and Communications shall not be insured for supplementary pension in a universal pension fund.

  • It is mandatory that persons working under the conditions of first and second category of labor, who are insured in the Pensions Fund of the State Social Insurance shall be insured in a professional pension fund for early retirement, regardless of their age.


Amounts of contributions for supplementary compulsory pension insurance (SCPI) – depending on the type of the insured persons and the distribution between the contributor and the insured person. See the Table for 2014 .

The contributions shall be transferred to the relevant SCPI account of the competent Territorial Directorate of the National Revenue Agency.  

Insurable earnings:

The contributions for SCPI shall be paid on the basis of the income for which state social insurance contributions are due, with the exception of Art. 9, Para. 6 and Para. 7 of the Social Insurance Code. They are paid on the basis of an income not lower than the minimum monthly insurable earnings and not higher than the maximum insurable earnings, defined by the State Social Insurance Budget Act. The insurable earnings on the basis of which social insurance contributions are effected are regulated in the Ordinance on the Element of Remuneration and the Earnings for which Social Security Contributions are paid.  

The contributions for the SCPI shall be transferred simultaneously with the contributions for the State Social Insurance.

See also: Bank accounts and codes for types of payment (BG)