How can I obtain information regarding my personal data processed by NRA

The National Revenue Agency (NRA) processes personal data for the purpose of fulfilling its statutory functions under Article 3 of the National Revenue Agency Act, in accordance with the principles of lawfulness and proportionality of the personal data processed and processing of personal data for specified, well-defined and legitimate purposes. Citizens are entitled to obtain from the NRA, as a personal data controller, information about the processing of their personal data by filing an application under Article 37b of the Personal Data Protection Act.  

            The application shall contain the following mandatory information:

           1. name, address, personal identification number or alien’s personal number, or another similar identifier, or other data identifying the natural person determined by the controller, in relation to his/her activity;

           2. description of the request;

           3. preferred form in which information is to be received for the exercise of the rights under Articles 15 to 22 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679;

           4. signature, date of submission of the application and address for correspondence.

          Where an application is submitted by an authorized person, a power of attorney shall be attached to the application.

The application shall be filed:

            1. In person, in paper form at the registry office of the Headquarters of the National Revenue Agency (HQ of NRA), at the registry offices of the Territorial Directorates of NRA (TDs of NRA), and at the offices to the relevant Territorial Directorates of NRA;

2. By letter, at the address of the relevant NRA unit: the Headquarters of NRA, the Territorial Directorates of NRA and the offices to the TDs of NRA;

            3. Electronically, at the official email addresses of the relevant NRA units: Where the application is filed using this method, it must be signed with a qualified electronic signature.  

Competent NRA authorities for the examination of applications for access to personal data include:

  1. NRA Director General or persons authorized by him/her where the personal data is processed at the HQ of NRA and at the Appeals and Tax and Social Security Practice Directorates;
  2. Territorial Directors where the personal data is processed at the relevant TD of NRA.

            The time limit for issuing a decision on the application is one month from the date of its receipt by the NRA. If the time limit needs to be extended, the applicant shall be notified in writing.

In the event of a violation of citizens’ rights, in relation to the processing of their data, the matter may be referred to the Commission for Personal Data Protection.